The cold facts about chilly weather and hair damage

This is the time of year you may start to notice that your scalp might start to itch and you may see hair falling out more than usual. Don’t get all worked up! You aren’t balding! Your scalp and hair are just reacting to loss of moisture.
Cold weather tends to drain moisture from your hair, which leaves us with the unfortunate consequence of dry, brittle and unruly hair. At this time of the year hair needs a robust moisturizing routine or your locks will become very dull and damaged.

Another negative that cold weather has to offer.  Static electricity build up in your hair! The electric charge leaves hair standing straight up or clinging to you and your clothes. Very annoying and sometimes downright embarrassing. So let’s get started with some great tips to keep your hair in check and in a healthy and manageable condition throughout the cold season.

Tip 1:

is almost a no brainer! Use a hair mask that locks much needed moisture in your hair. There are many masks on the market and sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect one. If you are a Hair Bar NYC fan? I would suggest the Ultimate Repair System Revival Mask. It’s infused with keratin for additional repairing power as well as instant moisture locking abilities. But generally any moisturizing or hydrating mask will do.

Next time your wash your hair, shampoo as you usually would. However, in the next step instead of using a conditioner, apply a generous amount of the hair mask to your palm. Then starting

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